Where Nature Meets Beauty

Our plant ingredients are from organic farms. There are no toxic ingredients in our products. There is no diluting or watering down of our potent organic plant ingredients. There is no synthetic coloring agents or fragrances, or paraffin and other petroleum products are permitted. Preservatives from synthetic sources are not permitted, such as Parabens (propyl, methyl and ethyl). Lastly, all suppliers must provide a certificate of organic certification from either of these three certifying agencies:

Our facilities are FDA Registered under high standards of quality control. Our manufacturing plant is located in Oregon and powered using 78% wind energy, and 12% solar power. We only procure our ingredients by considering sustainable harvesting practices. Small batch production is critical to our operation. This means that we produce our healthy products in small batches every 3 months to ensure maximum potency of our natural ingredients.

We embrace the earth’s wisdom, crafting solutions that are as organic as a sun-kissed meadow, as holistic as a mindful breath, and as healthy as a morning dewdrop. Our roots are in science, grounded in evidence-based medicine, nurtured by our Chief Science Officer and in-house naturopathic doctor. But our branches reach skyward, blossoming with the diverse expertise of naturopathic doctors, masters of integrative dermatology, women’s health, cosmetology, and even ancient Ayurvedic, Buddhist & Christian wisdoms.

Our Commitment to Quality:
We pride ourselves on crafting products that go beyond skincare; they’re a celebration of purity, effectiveness, and your well-being. Each creation is a labor of love, meticulously formulated with the finest natural ingredients. We source directly from the Earth, ensuring that every product is a testament to the potency and purity of nature.

Holistic Beauty, Inside and Out:
We embrace a holistic approach to beauty, understanding that true radiance comes from balance. Our products not only nourish your skin but also contribute to your overall wellness. From luxurious face creams that hydrate and rejuvenate to serums that deliver potent, plant-powered benefits, every item is a step towards a more vibrant and healthier you.

Transparency and Trust:
We believe in transparency because you deserve to know what goes into the products you trust for your skincare. Our commitment to honesty extends beyond our ingredients – it encompasses our business practices, environmental responsibility, and dedication to cruelty-free formulations. At Made from Earth, trust is the foundation of our relationship with you.

Our Surprise

We are surprised to see how many synthetic chemicals are still being used in the skin care industry, most of which are added as a preservative. For example, organic ingredients are mixed with potentially toxic chemicals for preservation (in the form of a preservative). Parabens were the most harmful preservative at one point, but now all these various preservatives have flooded the market to replace parabens, and there is not been adequate study completed on most of them. We use a natural preservative system to preserve our organic ingredients – and we found natural preservatives that are great for your skin, like Jojoba and Vitamin E, and only come from natural sources. Our ingredients meet our earth-friendly requirements and are hand-selected to provide exceptional skin care.

We also manufacture using a certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility. Being cGMP compliant means we encompasses the full spectrum of Microbiological Testing, including Aerobic Plate Count, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, and Accelerated Stability Testing.

Partnership: Caring Consumer & Cruelty Free

No animal testing in our manufacturing processes we only use cruelty-free products. Unfortunately, even today, hundreds of thousands of animals are inappropriately treated to provide product tests for shampoos, cleaners, cosmetics, and other personal care items. We are against this, and will not work with any partners or providers that associate with that type of conduct. Made from Earth is in full support of initiatives and an active member in pushing for proper legislation in Washington DC. We work with more than 50 endorsing campaigns and thousands of grassroots supporters to lobby congress and our leaders to provide regulation for the removal of harmful ingredients from skin care products on the market today.