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Aloe Vera for Treatment of Sun Burn

Skin pores are essential as they act as means for breathing to our skins. Aloe Vera doesn’t contain oils that will block or clog the pores which will leave the skin irritated. It also contains medicinal properties which help to fight harmful bacteria’s which can cause infections. When using Aloe Vera, you can combine it with other ingredients or use it alone to heal the sun burns and also repair and replace the damaged skin.

Cold Weather Skincare

Looking for away to avoid tired, dry and wrinkled looking skin? If you use too much moisturizer, you may have adverse effects like oily skin and product build-up. By not using enough moisturizer in the winter, you can have dry and itchy skin. Here are some essential must haves for winter.

Aloe Vera & Jojoba Oil for Eczema

Jojoba oil contains a high concentration of Vitamins B, E and Zinc. The oil is excellent at treating dry / itchy skin, and is especially effective for treating eczema. The nutrients work to quickly heal up raw itchy patches of skin and the vitamin content promotes the growth of healthy skin cells. The moisturizing content soothes dry and inflamed skin, while the nutritional ingredients work to repair damage on a cellular level.

Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Tea tree oil when using in hair products is also an exceptional hair moisture balancer. Unlike other natural oils that could burden hair with more hydration than required, tea tree oil naturally finds a balance and encourages oil production in dry hair while controlling excessive oil production for oily hair. Tea tree oil is a powerful solvent with the ability to remove residue from styling products, cleansers and conditioners that can settle on hair and deep within pores. While many may turn to standard clarifying cleansers to restore their hair, they might be doing themselves a disservice as most clarifiers target residue on hair and not on the scalp.

Rooibos Tea Bags for Skin

While drinking the tea is great, using the tea bags for skin care purposes also helps. Remember, your skin absorbs everything you put on it - even the great minerals from raw rooibos tea bags. Just the way we like to put cucumbers over our eyes, we are believe in using tea bags for skin care purposes. You can use tea bags as a gentle shower scrub, and even as eye pads.

Spring Forward Skin Experience

Read about which Made from Earth products are recommended for the spring time. As the temperature changes, you should also be changing your skin care products to match external environmental factors. For example, in warmer weather, you should be using a lighter moisturizer and a more stringent face wash to wash dirt and debris from facial skin.

Natural Treatment for Acne

The brand offers a whole line of natural acne treatments for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Believe it or not, using a generic acne cleanser can lead your skin to become the sensitive type, if it was considered normal before. Citrus Clear’s main focus is for people to maintain long term clear skin; this will be a regiment that can last forever. But the best part about it is that it is made from fruits such as grapefruit so it does not smell like bug repellant.

Morning & Night Routine for Normal Skin

Made from Earth recommends trying different routines and then deciding which routine or regimen works best for you. After you find our routine, stick with it for several months until you see noticeable improvement. Then switch it again! Keeping the same routine for more than 6 months is not recommended as your face gets used to the treatments you are providing it. Try different routines that target different target areas and provide various nutrients and vitamins to your face.

Safe for Pregnant Women

Aloe vera has many components that will keep your skin hydrated soft and supple. Aloe easily absorbs into the skin and is an anti-inflammatory agent. It acts as a natural sun screen, and will keep your skin tone even. It is indeed very therapeutic! It is a must have when faced with hyperpigmentation and stretch marks that occur during pregnancy.

Dark Circles Under Eye

Dark circles - we recommend the Olive Night Cream. This is a super thick night cream perfect to keep your eyes moisturized at night. Olives work wonders under the eyes. Have you tried just basic cucumber slices? That works great too.

Repel Mosquitos with Lavender

Made from Earth Lavender Calm Lotion w/ Jojoba is a great body lotion perfect for reducing stress and allow relaxation. To use: it is recommended at nighttime, to aid in relaxation and calming. Simply apply in a circular motion, rubbing in until fully absorbed. Key Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Lavender Distillate, Organic Coconut Oil, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Witch Hazel and Vitamin E.

Treatment for Sun Damage

If you have skin damage for sun exposure - without a doubt, Made from Earth highly recommends our Pure Aloe Face Treatment.  This is Aloe vera in its purest form as a face cream and works wonders for sun damaged skin.  We highly recommend this for all our clients who live in sunny areas or who spend prolonged periods of time in the sun. 

Acne Prone Skin - Removing Toxins

For dry & acne prone skin, we recommend a good cleanser and a moisturizer. Please dont use chemicals on your facial skin, because they will dry you out.

Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin

Perfect for removing daily toxins for the face. For a more serious cleansing solution, we have the Rooibos Tea Face Cleanser - which uses gentle jojoba beads and rooibos tea to lift out the toxins. This is an organic and light form of microdermabrasion - without the harsh abrasives.It is important for the skin to look healthy - because healthy looking skin is ''healthy skin''. Our skin is the biggest organ, and its appearance reflects our personal health and well being. Healthy skin comes from eating healthy foods and a life free from stress. 

What To Do About Age Apots

I have these dark patches on my face and my dermatologist says they are just age spots. I take VERY good care of my skin. I am 41 years young, worn sunscreen daily since age 17, have NO wrinkles and could pass for mid-twenties!

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