Spring Forward Skin Experience

Spring is here, so spring forward with a new skin care experience. Winter is over - use a good exfoliant to scrape away the harsh winter damage, and a good moisturizer to re-infuse some of that moisture lost. Also, as the weather warms up, switch to a lighter texture moisturizer.

Exfoliation Options

For dry skin, use the Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub. This is a moisturizing face scrub, that has the texture of a lotion (not a wash), and infuses your skin with moisture, while fine and gentle jojoba beads exfoliate.

rooibos face scrub

For oily or combination skin, use the Grapefruit Glycolic Wash. It has a high concentration of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and grapefruit with jojoba beads to exfoliate facial skin. This product does foam, and can also be used as a face wash, in conjunction with the exfoliating beads. The Grapefruit Glycolic Wash is designed to be used 2-3 times per week, but can be used daily if deemed appropriate.

Moisturizer Options

If you use a heavy moisturizer in the winter (like the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer), you want to switch to something that is lighter - like the Vitamin C Moisturizer as the weather gets warmer. The Vitamin C Moisturizer is quite moisturizing, but not overly, so there will be no excess sweating or oily skin in heat or humidity. It is excellent for applications under makeup, as it will help your makeup set in.

vitamin c moisturizer with cap off

We also offer two face serums which can also serve as moisturizers:

(1) Three Berry Serum is excellent for adding a blast of moisture to your face, using the power of organic berries and aloe vera,

(2) Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum moisturizes while as acting as a skin anti-inflammatory.

Specialized skin treatments:

Sea Kelp Clay Mask

The seasons have changed, so reveal a fresh layer of skin. The Sea Kelp & Clay Mask can help you do this. It is gentle for sensitive skin, and excellent at getting into and clearing pores. Results after evident after one use. Apply the mask to damp facial skin, and let the mask dry. Once the mask dries, wash it off, and the impurities will be washed off with it. Highly recommended.

Chamomile Eye Therapy

Great for use around the eyes. Adds hydration around the eye area, to prevent wrinkles, and give eyes a fresh, calm look.

Skin Correcting Facial Mist

Add this spray into any of the routines above after cleansing or exfoliating. Can be used daily as a toner, or 2-3 times per week as a special anti-aging treatment.

sea kelp mask cap off

Made from Earth has some great recommendations to get your skin into full bloom for the spring season! Here''s what you need to do to take care your face and body this spring:

Face Cleansers

Spring is the best time to do an exfoliation treatment to reveal a new fresh layer of glowing skin. Using a harsh exfoliation on winter skin may cause microscopic tears on your gentle facial skin; this will ultimately weaken and cause skin problems in the future. Made from Earth recommends the Rooibos Tea Face Scrub, as it contains gentle jojoba beads which will not cause these scratches on your face. It is the most gentle way to rid your skin of those dull, dead skin cells. For acne prone and sensitive skin types, we recommend the Green Tea Cleanser, since it is gentle enough to be used multiple times per day as needed, without over drying your skin. 

Face Moisturizers

Its time to abandon the heavy moisturizer, and switch to something lighter for the spring. The Made from Earth face serums are excellent choices for caring for your skin in the spring time. Since they are a serum, they are absorbed by the skin; they can also serve as your daily moisturizer since they contain moisturizing properties and vitamins.

Here are the serums recommended by skin type:

Sensitive Skin
- Rosehip + Hibiscus Face Serum: This is excellent for people with sensitive skin, since the rosehip ingredient is a great anti-inflammatory. It is quite moisturizing, so you only need to apply a small amount to get the hydration needed for spring temperatures.

Dry skin - Three Berry Face Serum: Excellent for those skin types who feel tightness in their face, caused by winter''s dry skin. Can be worn both morning and night, and does absorb well - so it will not feel "too heavy" on your face.

Aging Skin - Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum: Excellent choice with a high concentration of Vitamin C, that can be applied to the entire face to battle the effects of ageing and fine lines. The serum is light enough to also be used as a daily moisturizer for normal / oily skin types. Dry skin types may need an additional moisturizer, after the serum is absorbed by the skin.

Combination / Oily Skin - pH Equilibrant Moisturizer: While this moisturizer feels thick when removed from the bottle, it actually has amazing absorption properties that are excellent for combination/oily skin types since it does not clog pores. You can still use your favorite heavy moisturizing product in the spring/summer, however it should be used more as a treatment, as oppose to a daily moisturizer.

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