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Why Are Free Radicals Harmful For Skin?

Every single part of the body is made up of cells. Each of these cells is made up of molecules. All of those molecules contains electrons. Electrons bond together, which allows them to form a molecule. Free radicals are unstable elements that float around stealing electrons from the molecules within the cells. Once a molecule has its electron stolen, it suffers and the entire structure collapses.

Toxic Plastic Microbeads Banned in the United States

Made from Earth has never used microbeads in any of our products. We have two products that use Jojoba Beads - our Grapefruit Glycolic Wash and our Rooibos Tea Detox Scrub. Jojoba Beads provide gentle and effective exfoliation because they do not cause irritation or microlacerations. They come from jojoba extract to create a jojoba ester. Jojoba beads are 100% biodegradable and are not part of the micro-bead ban.

Warning on soap with antibacterial ingredients

After 40 years of exclusive research, the FDA has provided multiple research and independent studies that have determined that there are no more benefits to these ingredients than using traditional soap. "I suspect there are a lot of consumers who assume that by using an antibacterial soap product, they are protecting themselves from illness, protecting their families," said Sandra Kweder, from the FDA. "But we don't have any evidence that that is really the case over simple soap and water".

Moisturizers for Spring

Its time to abandon the heavy moisturizer, and switch to something lighter for the spring. The Made from E

\=[arth face serums are excellent choices for caring for your skin in the spring time. Since they are a serum, they are absorbed by the skin; they can also serve as your daily moisturizer since they contain moisturizing properties and vitamins.

Aloe Vera for Skin & Hair

Aloe plants have their own way of being beneficial when applied to hair and skin. Aloe both soothes tired skin and has antibacterial properties. It's a product used to heal the skin from damaging effects caused by over-exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Once applied, it releases natural vitamins and enzymes into the skin to produce a deep moisturizing effect that restores its balance.

How to Make a Chemical Free Bug Spray

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. People look forward to spending more time outdoors with their loved ones, family and friends. However, summer also means dealing with insects and mosquitoes all around and can be a hindrance to everyone's enjoyment. In order to make the most out of your summer, there are bug sprays available in the market to control pests.

3 Reasons to Use a Moisturizer

Moisturizer will keep moisture close to your skin making it plump and flexible. If your skin is dry and it is tugged, your skin fibers will crack causing wrinkles in the long term. Moisturized skin is hydrated skin, and hydrated skin is able to be stretched without leading to an elasticity breakdown. Moisturize, moisturize moisturize! 

Ingredients to Avoid

People are looking for chemical free beauty products to replace their old products, due to skin sensitivity and allergic reactions. Some of them are unaware of the consequences of not reading labels and the ingredients properly. Chemical free beauty products are usually gentler when used on skin, wont clog pores and results to less irritation for more youthful looking skin.

Benefits of using Organic Lettuce

The market nowadays has lots of methods to lure their customers to buy their products. One of the most common head-turners is the word "organic" posted in front of different products in the market. People often stop a while and think, look for certain differences of organic foods and foods without organic labels in it.

Is Phenoxythanol a harmful preservative?

Phenoxyethanol a preservative used for skincare products which has been deemed a safe ingredient. Made from Earth uses Phenoxyethanol in some of our products, and the ones that do use it, contain less than a 1% concentration of it in our formulations. The main purposes of Phenoxyethanol is for the purposes of keeping bacteria out of our organic ingredients.

Foods that can be applied to skin

Orange juice and lime juice are known to be effective regimen against acne or problem skin. It also limits the greasy and oily feeling, and removes blemishes at the same time. Lime juice can also soften rough and dry skin and eliminate freckles.Another fruit that helps with acne skin are strawberries, which are rich in salicylic acid. Strawberries can also be great at toning and conditioning the skin due to abundant amount of anti-aging vitamin C. Papaya is also best for removing pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Green & White Tea for Skin

Camellia sinensis is the botanical name for a plant that humans have grown, cultivated and processed for millennia. It has become a focal point of relaxation, small meals and various rituals worldwide. With more and more people seeking natural solutions for their skincare concerns, green and white teas have garnered lots of attention recently due to their natural valuable compounds. There is plenty of buzz concerning the benefits of drinking tea for your entire body, but what about your body's largest organ?

Your Skin Care Questions

If the ingredients in your current skin care products sounds like a scientific lab, as oppose to items grown organically by nature, you may want to reconsider other options. Made from Earth uses preservatives such as Vitamin E, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, and other holistic methods instead of the chemical preservatives.

Choosing Organic Skin Care

It is now common knowledge that organic beauty products are better for your skin. What you put on your skin will eventually wind up in your bloodstream. Organic products that are certified by the USDA are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. This includes additives such as fillers fragrance which are synthetic chemicals.

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