Rosehip & Hibiscus with Rooibos Detox Face Kit


1 x Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum, 2oz
1 x Rooibos Tea Face Scrub, 2oz

The Rosehip & Hibiscus with Rooibos Detox Face Kit is for:

  • Sensitive, Dry and Acne Prone skin
  • Treating Skin Discoloration
  • Removing Bacteria
  • Preventing Future Wrinkles
The cleanser has the greatest effect for those with dry, combination or sensitive skin. It is scientifically pH balanced to remove dirt and impurities from your facial skin. It restores your skin to its normal pH level and tightens pores. The skin’s pH balance increases with age and thus becomes more susceptible to bacteria and infections. As a result, the skin weakens and becomes susceptible to acne, wrinkles, scaring and rosacea. Individual results may vary. Genetics, diet and lifestyle are also contributing factors for healthy skin.

Step 1 – Wet your face with warm water. Apply warm water to your face two to three times to remove excess dirt and open pores.

Step 2 - Apply the Rooibos Tea Face Detox by gently massage the Jojoba beads over your face. The jojoba beads are gentle enough to ensure there no scratching as with the apricot scrub kernels. With your face still wet, rub cleanser on in a circular motion paying particular attention around your nose and around the hair line. Rinse your face with warm water to remove cleanser. Dry your face.

Step 3 - Apply a pea size amount of the Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum on your face and neck. The Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum is a unique serum proven for its astringent properties and anti-inflammatory plant oils which soothe skin irritation or any discoloration. This treatment will help tighten and tone your skin, while setting the stage for future wrinkle and skin discoloration prevention.

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