Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub


Detoxifying face cleanser with rooibos tea and gentle jojoba beads.

This moisturizing face scrub is designed to cleanse toxins from facial skin and add moisture. When combining rooibos tea with aloe vera, our scrub creates a powerful mix of antioxidants designed to penetrate your skin and detoxify. It contains bioflavonoid, vitamins, plant oils, fruit flavonoids, and rooibos tea. Jojoba beads gently clear away dead skin cells while the potent antioxidant rooibos tea cleanses dirt and bacteria.

This is a moisturizing face scrub that will not strip the delicate balance of facial skin. For some skin types, a moisturizer may not be needed after using the face scrub since it contains moisturizing properties. This is why the scrub is perfect for both oily AND dry skin types. For oily skin types, an additional moisturizer may not been needed. For dry skin types, it will not overly dry out facial skin like other cleansers. 2 oz.

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