Restoring Facial Skin with the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer

The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is a prime example of an excellent natural moisturizer that relieves dry skin, provides vitamins and nutrients to skin, and allows the skin to restore itself. Here is a closer look at some of the ingredients and why they work so well in this moisturizer.

Rooibos Tea Extract is more of a detox tea, extracted from red bush rooibos plant and popularly known as red tea. It has anti-oxidant elements and is a rich source of iron, magnesium, copper and zinc. The superoxide enzyme in the tea promotes the production of new skin cells, along with it has anti-allergic property which helps in fighting against common skin infections and problems.

Aloe Vera is the elixir for keeping human skin fresh and glowing. The plant excretes of clear, sticky substance which is the key ingredient. The liquid has beneficial antioxidants like beta carotene, along with other vitamins and minerals. The water content of aloe vera keeps the face hydrated with a shiny glow whereas the antioxidants help in the production of collagen which keeps the skin firm thus reducing wrinkles.

Vitamin E has healing and protecting powers. It heals blemishes and lesions and protects the skin from undue pollution, sun rays and stress evoking signs. Vitamin E blocks free radicals thus helping the restoration of facial skin. It is also found in Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil.

Avocado oil extracted from the avocado fruit is highly rich in Vitamin E. The oil prevents the free radicals from destroying the nutrient making capability of the skin cells. Avocado even has the properties of being a natural sunscreen. By becoming a barrier between the facial skin and sun light it plays its role in being an anti-aging element.

Rosemary in the form of extracts and oil helps in cleansing toxins which contaminate skin and helps in reinstating facial glow. 

facial moisturizerWillow bark is ancient agent, popular as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory medicine. Willow bark is rich in many such agents and acids which help in giving a shine to the skin.

Jojoba oil is a sticky liquid which is extracted from the jojoba nut, from which the wax kind of substance has natural properties of hydration. Though termed to be oil, jojoba is much thicker in consistency. It has almost all the vitamins, zinc, chromium copper and iodine extracts along with other minerals which are necessary to attain a healthy skin. It has the quality of becoming a barrier on the exposed skin parts and preventing them from being unduly dehydrated or drying out. It also keeps the oil production in control. 

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