How to Remove Age Spots & Sun Damage

I have these dark patches on my face and my dermatologist says they are age spots. I take VERY good care of my skin. I am 41 years young, worn sunscreen daily since age 17, have NO wrinkles and could pass for mid-twenties! Honest! But these dark pigmentation spots are really starting to bother me, and I notice that my skin is starting to sag. I have been eating so much better. Do you have any products that might work?


You are on the right path by trying different products and seeing which ones work for you. Everyone has different skin and your skin will work with some products and others it will not. This is important to remember and keep trying new solutions. As your skin changes, new solutions will be needed. Its inevitable that we will age, there are things we can do to stay healthier and postpone aging (not reverse it). Considered by most dermatologists as the age spot creams, AHAs are acids derived from certain fruits and dairy products, which are applied to the skin topically. These creams and the alpha hydroxy acids in them work to disintegrate the cellular binding mechanisms in the upper epidermal layers, allowing dead skin cells that have built up to slough off and let newer skin cells take their place.

aloe for age spots

For an AHA cream, we recommend our "Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer". With Lemon Juice: The Pure Aloe Vera Treatment is best used for this. To enhance results, mix the cream with "lemon juice" and apply to the affected areas. Just mix the juice right into the lotion you wish to apply. Aloe vera may take longer than to lighten skin discoloration than lemon juice, because it causes less skin irritation and actually moisturizes your skin, instead of drying it out. For mature dry skin: Our customers with mature, dry skin are raving about the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer. Please dont be offset by the price ($75) because it is a large 2oz size and it lasts for a long time since its spreads really well. This is the feedback we have received from our customers. They highly recommend it, especially for mature and dry skin. It really does work wonders.

If you have skin damage and from sun exposure - we highly recommend our Pure Aloe Face Treatment. 

The Pure Aloe Vera Skin Treatment is Aloe Vera in its purest form as a face cream and works wonders for sun damaged skin.  We highly recommend this for all our clients who live in sunny areas or who spend prolonged periods of time in the sun. 

This is because the aloe juice has proven so effective in removing the harmful toxins associated with sun damage, and its a super moisturizer so it does't let your skin peel or flake which leads to wrinkles.  If you also have skin damage on your body, the Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy is the comparable product for the body.  Its a different pH balance than the face cream because it is meant to be absorbed better my the bodes skin.

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