Acne Face Wash Set

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Experience no more acne breakouts when using these two products. Since oily, combination and acne skin is constantly changing, its important to have the right face wash to deal with your skin's needs. These two products can be used together, or individually depending on what your skin needs.

Use the Control Acne Face Wash when acne is severe and needs to be controlled. This is the strongest face wash to kill bacteria, clear oil and remove acne. When acne is gone after using the Control Acne Face Wash, use the Maintain Face Wash to maintain your clear skin. This face wash will ensure that your skin remains at its optimal balance and stays clear.


Use products on specific days when you need them the most. For stressful heavy oil production days, use the Control Face Wash. On days when your skin is under control, use the Gentle Cleanser to keep it that way.


Refer to the individual product pages for detailed directions and ingredients for both products in the Face Wash Set:

Control Acne Face Wash

Maintain Face Wash

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