Control Acne Kit

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A powerful acne treatment that includes a Control Acne Face Wash and a Control Acne Moisturizer. Both products are intended to prevent future breakouts and skin clear. The two work synergistically to remove pimples and acne. The wash helps to strip oils and remove bacteria, while the moisturizer works to keep skin fresh, oil free with a touch of moisture (without letting it get oily again). The products are effective at fighting acne and remove pimples, but gentle enough to be used for all skin types.
  • Strong combination of ingredients that naturally clear existing acne and put a stop to future breakouts.
  • Control Acne Wash combats breakouts and excess oil production.
  • Control Moisturizer refreshes and protects healthy skin to look fresh all day.


Step 1: use the Control Acne Wash to wash face using circular motions to rub the product into skin. The ingredients are made to penetrate the skin pores and remove dirt and oil.

Step 2: Use the Control Acne Moisturizer to keep skin oil free throughout the day, with just a touch of moisture. The Control Moisturizer contains ingredients that are meant to remove oil from the skin, and do so throughout the day. It adds enough to keep it hydrated, without allowing for excess oil to form, like with most other moisturizers.

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