Cucumber Cooling Gel

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Cucumbers are known for being exceptional in the treatment of sunburn, reducing dark circles, eye puffiness and enhancing complexion. Cucumbers contain Vitamin C which helps to treat irritated skin; this assists the skin’s ability to retain moisture thus being useful for burns. Aloe Vera contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals to help skin heal quicker.

Potent healing ingredients of Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and cucumber.

The Cucumber Cooling Gel has a tingling effect, which comes from the ingredient spirulina. Spirulina is a used by Aztecs as a food source, and is high in protein, Vitamin B12 and essential amino acids. This multi-purpose gel can be used as an all over moisturizer, or in specific target areas, such as:

Under eye therapy

Instead of slicing cucumbers, use the Cucumber Cooling Gel both under and around your eyes. This added cooling and moisture may enhance the overall appearance of the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines of the eye area. Individual results may vary. Genetics, diet and lifestyle are also contributing factors for healthy skin.

Moisturize sun damaged skin

Apply to areas that have been sun burned or sun damaged. The gel cools the heat from skin, and adds a layer of moisture. Its is excellent for applications after a long day in the sun.

Even skin tone

Cucumber and citric acid detoxify to create a smoother pigment gradient on facial skin.

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