Is phenoxyethanol harmful as a preservative?

The greatest concern over cosmetic ingredients involves the use of preservatives in skincare products and questions around if they are harmful for your skin.

What is Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol a preservative used for skincare products which has been deemed a safe ingredient. Made from Earth uses Phenoxyethanol in some of our products, and the ones that do use it, contain less than a .05% concentration of it in our formulations. The main purposes of Phenoxyethanol is for the purposes of keeping bacteria out of our organic ingredients. Without a good preservative, the bacteria that can grow on a skincare product is more harmful than the chemicals themselves. What makes Phenoxyethanol so valuable and healthy, is that only a small amount is required to fight bacteria - that way, there is are more potent ingredients in the products, as oppose to preservative.

Is phenoxyethanol safe?

The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed the safety of Phenoxyethanol and approved its use as an indirect food additive. The Citywide Immunization Registry Expert Panel reviewed the safety of Phenoxyethanol, and concluded that it is safe for use as a cosmetic ingredient. Their study further noted that it was nontoxic via oral and skin administration. This was confirmed in their panel review in 2007, as part of their annual evaluation of ingredients.

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