Q: Why are free radicals harmful?

Every single part of the body is made up of cells. Each of these cells is made up of molecules. All of those molecules contains electrons. Electrons bond together, which allows them to form a molecule. Free radicals are unstable elements that float around stealing electrons from the molecules within the cells. Once a molecule has its electron stolen, it suffers and the entire structure collapses. Antioxidants are the best ingredients for eliminating free radicals. These are special molecules that have a positive electron. When they get near a free radical, they bond with it and prevent it from stealing electrons from any other molecule. This neutralizes the problem and keeps the important components, your cells, safe.  The two vitamins that are richest in antioxidants are Vitamin C and Vitamin E. There have been countless studies showing how Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants and how it can help the body to stabilize itself. Vitamin E is also known for targeting free radicals and preventing cell damage.

Q: Can you name any of the preservatives in your current skin care products?

If the ingredients in your current skin care products sounds like a scientific lab, as oppose to items grown organically by nature, you may want to reconsider other options. Made from Earth uses preservatives such as Vitamin E, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, and other holistic methods instead of the chemical preservatives.

Q: Since I do not have a negative reaction with my current moisturizer, does that mean it is safe?

This does not necessarily mean that the product is safe for you. What we do know is that some of the most common ingredients in skin care industry have been linked to allergies, reproductive issues and other unwanted effects. We know that these ingredients eventually accumulate within our bodies as they are absorbed through our skin. An ingredient may not cause an immediate negative reaction after you apply it to your skin - however that does not mean the culmination of that ingredient over time will not have a harmful effect.

Q: Do skin care products make their way into our body?

Yes this is true. Material absorbed by your skin through a skin care product is eventually fed into the bloodstream. The skin is the body's largest organ and has amazing absorption abilities. Most people view their skin as a barrier to the internal body, but the reality is our skin is like a sponge: completely soaking up the environment around it.

Q: Will avoiding toxic skin care ingredients eventually make me healthier, or reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals?

Yes this is true. While we know there is no way to completely avoid harmful chemicals in our everyday life (such as pollution, smog) you can avoid some harmful ingredients in your skin care - such as fragrance or parabens. You'll be doing your body a great favor. Healthy skincare is something that is so easy to choose. Just do it - its just a matter of choice.

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