A Natural Acne Treatment

The majority of acne products on the market today contain harsh and over-drying chemicals; it is the #1 complaint we hear from customers who use other acne products before discovering our collection. Almost every blemish treatment that you can purchase may contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals can burn, damage and ultimately ruin the texture of your natural skin, leaving you even worse than when you started. On top of that, many people who use products such as Accutane are not allowed to donate blood because their blood cells are tainted with chemicals. Birth control is also considered a form of acne control, but it is not a natural acne treatment because it is filled with hormones. Here is what we recommend to get the absolute best results from the most natural based products:

Citrus Clear

This is why we have developed the Citrus Clear collection, which is a line of natural acne treatments for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. We offer two types of acne lines: (1) the CONTROL Line is the strongest line, which is recommended for active acne breakouts, and (2) the MAINTAIN Line is recommended for when acne breakouts are under control, as this will help maintain your sensitive skin to prevent future breakouts. Since the products contain all natural and organic citrus oils - they contain wonderful and rich natural aromas that stem from the underlying organic ingredients, unlike the chemical fragrance scents typically found in acne products. You start with the Control Line if you are having acne breakouts, and then which to the Maintain Line to maintain a clear complexion. Give yourself the clear skin you have always desired. The line is made with organic ingredients and our product formulators have used only the most “potent citrus juices, extracts, tinctures and peels.”

There are no chemicals used in any Made from Earth products. Examples of those never used chemicals are petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens (methyl, propyl, and butyl), sulfates (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate), mineral oils, silicone, synthetic fragrance and color dyes. All of Citrus Clear’s products are dermatologist tested.

Acne develops below the surface of the skin, however it is only noticeable when there are flare ups on the top of the skin. Our organic acne products are designed to work below the surface and immerse themselves deep down to give the most powerful cleanse of troubled skin. One of the hardest things about acne is that a blemish can pop up at any time. Stress, extra oil, dirt and make-up can cause the unexpected to happen - thus leading to more stress! Trying to cover the blemish will concealer is not going to make it any better; if anything, that will cause more clogged pores and unhealthy skin. That is why we developed the Grapefruit Spot Treatment to be used specifically for these random pop-ups.

There is a no specific age group that this is designed for; teenagers who are experiencing first-time breakouts as well as adults with acne can get the same incredible benefits. One of the best parts of this whole line has to be the fact that it is hypo-allergenic so anyone who has even the slight skin sensitivity will be okay to go forth with the products.

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