Maintain Clear Skin Face Wash


For Maintaining Acne Free Clear Skin

Perfect for combination, oily and sensitive skin, the Maintain Clear Skin Face Wash is made to keep skin clear and has rejuvenating qualities. It is formulated with a mixture of vitamins and organic citrus ingredients which clears excess oil and dirt from the skin’s surface. The formula also contains skin “regenerators” which allow fresh skin cells to be created. Revitalize skin, and keep it free of oil and acne. With lemon and Tahitian lime essential oils. 8oz.

The key ingredients in the Maintain Clear Skin Face Wash are Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Grapeseed & Tea Tree Oil. The Tea Tree oil is what has the regeneration effect. Tea tree oil is an excellent anti-microbial and kills bacteria. It also stimulates the skin to produce new fresh skin cells over the damaged skin. The Willowbark, MSM and Grapeseed oil in the formulas are excellent for closing pores and keeping the complexion clear.

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