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Key Takeaways

  • Jojoba oil is effective for treating eczema due to its high vitamin content.
  • Rosacea commonly affects fair-skinned individuals, presenting red patches and tiny bumps.
  • Coenzyme Q10 in face serums helps energize skin cells and maintain skin freshness.
  • Choosing the right moisturizer depends on skin type and can vary by season.
  • Aloe vera is safe for pregnant women and helps maintain skin hydration and even tone.

Aloe Vera & Jojoba for Eczema

Jojoba oil contains a high concentration of Vitamins B, E and Zinc. The oil is excellent at treating dry / itchy skin, and is especially effective for treating eczema. The nutrients work to quickly heal up raw itchy patches of skin and the vitamin content promotes the growth of healthy skin cells.

Rosacea – What Can You Do?

A typical sign of rosacea is patchy areas of red, tiny red bumps or the visibility of small blood vessels on the face. It is estimated that there are 14 million people in the United States that suffer from the effects of rosacea, which is common in women or men with fair-skin usually between the ages of 25 and 65.

Vitamin Firming Serum: Ingredients In Detail

Coenzyme Q10, once the famous darling of the antioxidant world has a myriad of benefits for your face. CoQ10 is found in abundance in young skin but the amount decreases as we get older. Using CoQ10 in the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum, it will keep skin fresh by energizing your skin cells.

Compare the Moisturizers

All Made from Earth moisturizers provide a moisture barrier for delicate facial skin, to protect from environmental factors, and, infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals to keep it fresh and hydrated. The perfect moisturizer depends on your skin type. This can also change by the seasons with the weather: in the winter, switch to a heavier, more moisturizing moisturizer. In the summer, choose something lighter, that won’t feel heavy on the face. The chart above depicts how to choose the right moisturizer.

Safe for Pregnant Women

Aloe vera has many components that will keep your skin hydrated soft and supple. Aloe easily absorbs into the skin and is an anti-inflammatory agent. It acts as a natural sun screen, and will keep your skin tone even. It is indeed very therapeutic! It is a must have when faced with hyperpigmentation and stretch marks that occur during pregnancy.

Natural Treatment for Acne

The brand offers a whole line of natural acne treatments for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Believe it or not, using a generic acne cleanser can lead your skin to become the sensitive type, if it was considered normal before. Citrus Clear’s main focus is for people to maintain long term clear skin; this will be a regiment that can last forever. But the best part about it is that it is made from fruits such as grapefruit so it does not smell like bug repellant.

Restoring Facial Skin with the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer

The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is a prime example of an excellent natural moisturizer that relieves dry skin, provides vitamins and nutrients to skin, and allows the skin to restore itself. Here is a closer look at some of the ingredients and why they work so well in this moisturizer.

Organic Skin Care News

The term “natural” and “organic” are not the same. The market is full of body care products labeled “natural.” Remember that natural is an illusory marketing term not regulated by the government. Organic products are made with ingredients grown without any synthetic chemicals, sewage sludge or GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and are third-party certified.

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