Detox + Renew Skin Care Kit


1 x Rooibos Tea Face Scrub, DETOX

1 x Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer, RENEW

The Detox + Renew kit is a powerful skin care system designed with the most intensive organic ingredients available. These active ingredients are designed to cleanse and moisturize to bring forward your best skin. Designed for all skin types, these two deeply hydrating treatments reduces the look of pores, uneven texture and discoloration. The moisture boost will add to suppleness, and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Individual results may vary. Genetics, diet and lifestyle are also contributing factors for healthy skin. Gives skin an instant boost of moisture.

After the age of 30, human skin begins to develop wrinkles as it loses elasticity, causing skin to sag. The Detox + Renew Skincare set was formulated from Pro-Retinol Vitamin A and plant peptides which are critical for maintaining healthy, fresh and hydrated skin. The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer provides all day hydration, absorbs quickly and is a non-oil, non-sticky treatment.

Recommended Use:

Step 1 – Use the Rooibos Tea Face Scrub in the morning by washing your face with warm. The jojoba beads are gentle enough to ensure there no scratching as with the apricot scrub kernels. With your face still wet, rub cleanser on in a circular motion paying particular attention around your nose and around the hair line. Rinse your face with warm water to remove cleanser. Pat your face dry with a towel.

Step 2 - Dab small drops of Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer on each side of the face, the neck, each cheek, each side of the nose, each temple and three dabs across the forehead. The moisturizer is thick and spreads well, so only a small amount is required. If you apply too much, just wipe off the excess. Use circular motions over the neck and face in upward and outward from the center of the face. 

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