compare the organic moisturiers

All Made from Earth moisturizers provide a moisture barrier for delicate facial skin, to protect from environmental factors, and, infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals to keep it fresh and hydrated. The perfect moisturizer depends on your skin type. This can also change by the seasons with the weather: in the winter, switch to a heavier, more moisturizing moisturizer. In the summer, choose something lighter, that won’t feel heavy on the face. The chart above depicts how to choose the right moisturizer.

Strength: More Moisturizing to Less Moisturizing

Moving from left to right, the moisturizers are ordered from the most moisturizing to the least moisturizing. The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is the most powerful moisturizer available. It is for dry skin types. The pH Equilibrant Moisturizer is for combination, oily or sensitive skin. It is excellent at removing oil from oily areas of the face, while balancing the dry areas with additional moisture. Some dry skin types may use the pH Balanced Moisturizer during the warmer months due to its gentle moisturizing properties. The Vitamin C Moisturizer's moisturizing ability is between the two moisturizers, and can be used by all skin types.

Moisturizer Texture: Heavy to Light

The texture of a moisturizer is how thick it is, and how it feels to the touch. The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is the thickest moisturizer available, and adds a powerful coat of moisture to the face. While the pH Equilibrant Moisturizer feels thick to the touch, when it’s spread on facial skin, it becomes light and is absorbed by the skin, for a light airy texture.

Skin Type: Dry, Normal, Oily

All moisturizers above can be used by all skin type; the chart above offers recommendations on the "best" solution for a certain skin type. Like mentioned before, people may switch moisturizers based on seasonal changes with your own skin and the weather.

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