Why use a Chemical Free Moisturizer?

  • Avoids future wrinkles: Moisturizer will keep moisture close to your skin making it plump and flexible. If your skin is dry and it is tugged, your skin fibers will crack causing wrinkles in the long term. Moisturized skin is hydrated skin, and hydrated skin is able to be stretched without leading to an elasticity breakdown. Moisturize, moisturize moisturize!
  • It makes makeup / foundation look more natural: Foundation that is placed top of moisturizer looks smoother since it integrates with the additional layer of moisturizer. For foundation that is applied to dry skin, it will look like power, crack and have lines in it making it look fake.
  • Prevents AcneYes, contrary to popular belief, oil free moisturizers do prevent acne. Cheap moisturizers found in drug stores usually contain cheap ingredients and therefore are not so good for your skin. The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is 100% oil free and contains pore closing ingredients. By having closed pores, you can avoid putting makeup directly into open pores which eventually lead to acne.
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Do they have to be organic / chemical free?

  • Organic skin care products are the new normal: It is now common knowledge that organic beauty products are better for your skin. What you put on your skin will eventually wind up in your bloodstream. Organic products that are certified by the USDA are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. This includes additives such as fillers fragrance which are synthetic chemicals.
  • Organic skin care products help the environment: Organic skincare products only use organic farming to derive their ingredients. This means that they do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers which have a destructive effect on our environment, soil and even water. All these harmful chemicals eventually wind up in our food stream. Organic skin care products that are found on organic farms, such as Made from Earth's products, are not allowed to be genetically modified – therefore not only are you supporting your health, but you are also supporting the environment. This is great!
  • Organic skin care is regulated: Another great proponent of choosing organic skin care is that it is the only area of the skin care industry which is highly regulated. Made from Earth is regulated by the USDA organic authority, because they contain the strictest standards for organic products because it is the same standard by which organic food is held up against.

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