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Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea benefits for the skin are not only with the anti-aging materials in them. It also is a powerful antioxidant which protects against free radical damage to the skin. Evidence suggests tea has been consumed for 5000 years, with China and India being two of the first countries to cultivate it. Green tea is so popular in Japan that it is more commonly known as "tea". It was brought to Japan by Myōan Eisai, a Japanese Buddhist priest who also introduced the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. In 520 AD, Buddhists chew the leaves while meditating, to assist in meditation. In 729 AD, tea cultivation begins to spread in Japan when the Japanese Emperor gives gifts of powdered green tea to Buddhist monks.

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Natural Earth Sea Salt

Sea salt is a natural exfoliant with natural sea salt crystals that stimulate circulation and enhance cell regeneration. Sea salts contain many minerals beneficial to the body. Magnesium is important for both combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system. Calcium is effective at preventing water retention, increasing circulation and strengthening bones and nails. Potassium energizes the body, helps to balance skin moisture and is a crucial mineral to replenish after intense exercise. Sodium is important for lymphatic fluid balance for the immune system. Sea salt is made from the evaporation of the water from the brine of the sea. In warm and dry climates this may be done entirely by solar energy. For this reason, sea salt production is now almost entirely an industry of Mediterranean and other warm, dry climates.

Organic Honey

organic honey pot

There is an antimicrobial agent in honey which attacks the bacteria that may cause outbreaks while moisturizing the skin to aid rejuvenation. In the Roman Empire, honey was used, instead of gold, to pay taxes. In some parts of Greece, it was custom for a bride to dip her fingers in honey and make the sign of the cross before entering her new home. Celebrated by Buddhists in India, there is a day that commemorates Buddha's making peace among his disciples bringing honey to eat.

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Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil helps to repair and smooth the injured skin by penetrating the cellular level. It has long been used in traditional medicine, and it is one of the most remarkable organic compounds. Many of the most valuable uses of tea tree oil have to do with skincare. It is used in many acne preparations, and it can reduce the redness, swelling and other common skin condition. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil are often used to treat burns, cuts, insect bites, wounds and infections. In addition, tea tree oil's anti-fungal properties make it a favorite for treating ringworm, athlete's foot and many other common fungal diseases.

The tea tree, from which tea tree oil derives its common name, is native to Australia, and the indigenous peoples of the region have traditionally used the oil as medicine by inhaling the oils from the crushed leaves to treat coughs and colds. They drank tea made of the leaves and applied tea tree to treat wounds, cuts, and various skin disorders.

Australian history shows that the indigenous people had deemed a lagoon to have magical powers, and the local natives would bathe in its waters. Later on it developed that this lagoon had several tea trees growing near its banks and, falling leaves released their oils into the water, transforming the pool into an antiseptic bath. Use of the oil itself did not become common practice until researcher, Arthur Penfold, published the first reports of its antimicrobial activity in a series of papers in the 1920s and 1930s. Production of Tea Tree Oil declined after World War II, presumably due to the development of antibiotics. Interest in the oil was rekindled in the 1970s as part of the general renaissance of interest in natural products.

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organic blueberriesOur Organic Berries

Blueberries are full of amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Blueberry extracts has been used in ancient herbal and medicinal treatments for thousands of years to revitalize the skin and hasten healing. They have also shown marked ability at reducing scarring in wound and burn treatment, although more research is needed. Blueberries offer a great lineup of nutrients like potassium and iron, as well as being a an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Research has determined that ellagic acid is one of the most promising compounds for its effect on cell regeneration and vitality. It occurs naturally in 46 different foods; red raspberry is the food that has the highest natural content. Red raspberry moisturizes tissue and aids in healing, particularly after sunburn. Red raspberry is believed to be native to Europe but it was the colonial Americans who first used it as an astringent. They used an infusion of the root bark and applied it to the sore eyes. The leaves were collected throughout the growing season - they are rich in vitamin C and contain astringent qualities due to their high tannin content. Bilberry, a close relative of blueberry, has a long history of medicinal uses because it contains a number of biologically active components, including a class of compounds called anthocyanosides. These have been the focus of recent research in Europe. The herb also contains vitamin A and C and the juice contains "antibiotic" substances called proanthocyanidins that annihilate the Escherichia coli bacteria which causes infections.

Native Americans considered the cranberry a gift from the Great Spirit. They used the red berry to dye blankets and make pemmican, a food made of crushed berries, fat, and dried meat. They also used it as a medicine to extract poison from wounds. It wasn't until 1647, that the word Cranberry (the original English word for cranberry) first appeared in a letter written by a Cape Cod missionary. Researchers have only recently discovered that it is a potent anti-cancer agent. Native Americans used blueberry leaves and roots for medicinal purposes. The tribes revered blueberries and much folklore developed around them. A tea made from the leaves of the plant was thought to be good for the blood. The dried berries were also crushed into a powder and rubbed into meat for flavor.

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Organic Aloe Vera & Jojoba Nut

Even though Jojoba Nut oil is referred to as an "oil", it is actually a liquid wax, which possesses almost identical characteristics to human skin. Human skin also contains wax esters for which production steadily decreases with age, causing the skin wrinkles. The extract from Jojoba Nut contains alpha, delta, and gamma Tocopherol, which are all forms of vitamin E. Unlike "oil in water" skin formulas which evaporate when they reach the skin's surface, Jojoba fluid penetrates the lipid layer forming a non-greasy layer with exceptional transepidermal water control.

Jojoba prevents stretch marks thanks to the elastic effect on the skin. It should also be applied after exposing the skin to the sun, because Jojoba contains curative properties which will reduce inflammation and prevent flaking. Our organic Jojoba is gentle to the skin and does not contain any chemicals or preservatives.

Aloe Vera's beneficial properties are attributed to the liquid found on the inner part of the leaf. The liquid is used for dry skin conditions, especially eczema around the eyes and sensitive facial skin. Aloe Vera is not a gel; it is a thin liquid; All retail store Aloe Vera gels contain over 50% of cosmetic filler causing the "gel like" substance. The amount of Aloe Vera in those gels is less than 5%. The FDA requires that all skincare companies list their ingredients in order of concentration first from left to right: note in our ingredient list the Aloe Vera is listed first because the majority of our formula is not filler or chemicals - it is organic Aloe Vera.

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rosehip serumRosehip + Hibiscus

Rosehips were commonly grown in ancient Egyptian temple gardens and Egypt was known as the greatest rosehip supplier throughout the Mediterranean, including throughout the Roman Empire. During World War II, the British government used collected rose hips to make rose hip syrup as a source of vitamin C to replace citrus fruits that were impossible to get. In the United States, the Native Americans also recognized the importance of rose hips in their diets. They would harvest the hips to brew into tea, and save the soaked hips to add to their soups and stews.

In ancient Egypt, hibiscus flowers were associated with lust that the Egyptians believed the tea made with red hibiscus flowers could induce cravings in women. In some Caribbean countries Hibiscus flowers are often carried as wedding bouquets because they are believed to ward off bad omens. Hibiscus, especially white hibiscus is considered to have medicinal properties in the Indian traditional system of medicine. Roots have effects believed to cure various ailments. Both in India and China, infusions of Hibiscus leaves and flowers were mixed with herbal oils and applied on the scalp as a part of regular hair care. The juice of the flower was added to vegetable hair dyes like henna and indigo. The reason for the widespread use of the Hibiscus was its ability to prevent and control common hair problems.

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